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Efinity is an outsourced IT provider that uses a "hands on" management and service to provide professional IT support in a personal manner. Our customers include those that don't have a dedicated person on staff to handle their IT needs and larger firms with IT departments that lack a specialized skill set.

To provide the highest quality technology based services in a cost-effective manner. Be a leader in Customer Service. Establish systems, processes, and solutions based on best practices and industry standards.

Efinity was started in 1999 as a merger of two companies working together in the IT industry. Together the merger of strengths the produced a combination of skill sets that to this day provide the key to the success of the company. With strong customer service beliefs and extensive technology expertise Efinity continues to grow and compete against many companies of a much larger size.


Efinity Inc.
18 Broadfield Drive
Etobicoke, ON
M9C 1L6

Tel: 416-626-5000
FAX: 416-626-6035




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